South Kent Power

154 South Kent Rd.
South Kent, CT 06785

At South Kent Power, our mission is to offer consistently competitive retail pricing on electricity and natural gas, with one important additional benefit: We not only help you save money on energy, but we also personally monitor your plan.

We will notify you if our rates change, and we will make sure you always receive our best plan.

We will notify you when your plan is up for renewal so that you won’t get hit with higher rates.

We know of no other independent energy company that offers this personal service.

We also offer an easy way for individuals and organizations to earn free energy, month after month after month. Why pay for electricity or natural gas? That’s so last century. We have a better way.

South Kent Power also offers solar energy options for residences. Free, no-hassle proposals with guaranteed solar production and guaranteed electricity rates for 20 years, with no up-front costs to the consumer.

Please email or call today to find out what we can do for you.