Great Show, LLC

New Milford, CT 06776

Our Services

For restaurants our games have a proven track record of growing your slow night business. For 501c3’s we help you solve the problem of bringing benefactors back again and again. For private and corporate parties we provide unique entertainment which makes your event more memorable.

DJ Trivia – the #1 hosted trivia game in the country. We say,”If you’re having fun, you’ve already won.” Try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. There is no other trivia game like it.

Music Bingo – Just like regular bingo but we put song names on the cards instead of numbers. We play a song, you find it on the card and cross it off until you get to yell, “BINGO!” With over 100 music programs and the ability to create custom programs we are sure to have songs your guest will love.

Survey Says – A Family Feud inspired guessing game where we ask an interesting question and you turn in your best answers. The top 3 answers get points.

Our hosts – all of our hosts have gone through our extensive Host Training Program. We all fun loving, friendly, and interactive professionals who are motivated to help everyone to have a great time.

If you’ve seen other games that you’d like to try, just ask. With our resources we have a good chance of finding something for you.

As for my mobile DJ services, with more than 30 years experience at more than 1,000 events I’ve gotten just about a quarter of a million feet to the dance floor. I do this by ALWAYS playing requests and keeping the music at a comfortable volume. If you know me you know I’ve got a very positive and fun loving way about me. I love motivating people to party.