Aspire, LLC

19 Main Street
Suite #3
New Milford, CT 06776

Amy Jacques is the owner and life coach of Aspire, LLC. Amy works with adults 18 on up and tweens and teens, 12-17. Aspire’s mission is to help our adult clients find joy in their lives that may be blocked by their limited beliefs, assumptions, fixed mindset, judgment, and other catabolic thought processes. Aspire assists clients in starting their path to awareness within their personal and professional lives with courage, compassion, and connections. With our tweens and teens, we partner up with them and work in the areas of academic motivation and with social-emotional needs like dealing with friendships, working in groups, regulating emotions, and mindfulness. Aspire wants young people to learn about their joy and experience it in their day-to-day lives too. For both adults and tweens/teens, Aspire uses goal-setting, action planning, and accountability as a framework for each session. Aspire is a safe place and all-inclusive.