Arthur Klein



Lores Plaza Route 7, 145 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT 06776

Dr. Klein’s mission is to help restore and maintain the health of as many people as possible…especially children. He is a chiropractic physician with 30 years experience. Chiropractic Care helps restore proper nerve function improved movement to the spine, joints, and muscles by using conservative, non-drug methods tailored for each person, to achieve the maximum benefits in the quickest time. Typical conditions helped include headaches/migraines, spine-related problems including neck and back problems and arm and leg discomfort. Work, auto, and sports-related injuries as well as muscle and joint pain from pregnancy are also treated. Many insurances are accepted. Dr. Klein helps people of all ages lead healthy lifestyles free of discomfort by finding the underlying cause of their health problems.

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